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Hand Crafted Scarves     by Denise 
Welcome to the Carolina Threadnecks formerly Vermont Threadnecks website!  The scarves are handcrafted by Denise  and no two are identical.  She makes and sells fun, funky and fashionable scarves and neck-wear to women who want something different in a scarf. These scarves also make a wonderful gift for a special friend or relative.  

These colorful scarves are constructed of many different yarns, ribbons, fabrics and threads, then macramed and knotted.  Unique embellishments are then designed and constructed with beads, baubles and jewelry to match each scarf. 

They are called “scarves”, but they double as a necklace and will dress up a plain t-shirt, tank, sweater or little black dress. Depending on the weight, texture and design, and embellishments these scarves can be worn for any occasion.  

Enjoy reading “About Us” and looking at our scarf collection. We dare you…Try one Carolina Threadnecks scarf and you will be hooked. Bet you can’t just buy one!!